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Lack of proper preparation and planning is the number one reason for a problematic, stressful relocation. Whether your moving project is large or small, long-distance or local, organizing your move carefully in the weeks beforehand will result in a much smoother moving experience, every time.

Among the many loose ends to tie before moving day arrives, an important thing to know is what your professional movers will move for you and what they won’t touch. Knowing these important details before the day of your move will help you to save time and avoid delays, while also eliminating headaches and stress for you and your moving team.

To help you prepare for your next move, our expert Miami movers at American Fargo have provided this list of things that professional moving companies typically won’t move for you. Keep in mind that your mover may work under different guidelines according to state laws and company policies—so be sure to consult with your team before moving day arrives. 

Pets and Other Animals

Whether you’re moving an entire farm of livestock or just a pet dog or cat, most moving companies won’t move animals locally or long-distance. Depending on your situation, you’ll likely need to find another option for transportation for your animals. This could be either a professional pet transportation company, an airline or taking them with you in a crate or cage in your car.

Hazardous Materials, Explosives, and Corrosives

Hazardous materials can be dangerous to move, and most household movers will not want to take the risk. In some cases, the transportation of hazardous materials can even be illegal, making it impossible for transport to happen. Some of the items considered hazardous may include batteries and battery acid, gasoline, paint and paint thinner, fire extinguishers, gun powder, ammunition, propellants, charcoal, and kerosene.

You’ll also be required to drain any vehicles or lawn equipment you’re moving of any fuel. If you’re moving a tractor, motorcycle, riding lawn mower, or anything else that runs on gas, be sure to empty the tank before moving day arrives to avoid delays.

Food Items

Canned goods and non-perishable food items are fine—but anything that can rot or spoil could be rejected for transportation by your moving company. It’s usually recommended to take perishables with you in your car for local moves or to leave them behind or donate them to a food drive for long-distance relocations.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Certain plants are banned from moving across state lines by the United States Department of Agriculture. This is because some plant species carry pests and diseases that are known to spread. Check with your long-distance movers if you’re hoping to move your plants long-distance to see whether they’re legally able to move them or not. If not, you’ll likely need to leave them behind.

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