Once you’ve made the decision to move, the clock starts ticking. Before you even start to pack, you’ll need to perform a checklist of tasks to make your relocation easier and more affordable. This is the start of the planning and organization phase of your moving project. Needless to say, the time you put into this part of the process will determine how easy and efficient your moving experience will be.

If you live in a typical American household, chances are that you own a lot more than you think. While long-distance movers like the team at American Fargo offer full-scale moving services help you get sorted and packed in no time, you’ll still want to make the packing process easier by lightening your load.

Lightening your load—or, getting rid of stuff you no longer use or want—is an important part of household relocation. Take a look at some of American Fargo’s favorite tips and tricks for decluttering your home before a move—and make sure that you’re prepared for a smooth and easy relocation.

Six Ways to Lighten Up Before a Move

Unless you’re a minimalist or a serial mover, the chances are high that you’ve spent years in your current residence. This means you’ve had plenty of time to accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of it is worth keeping and some need to go away before moving day.

So, how do you get started? You can start by following these tips for streamlining your belongings before packing:

  • Create a Packing Schedule: Before you worry about getting rid of anything, put together a packing schedule first. This lets you identify the important dates so you can stay organized and focused on the task at hand. Failure to do this could lead to procrastination you can’t bounce back from—and a chaotic, unorganized, and stressful move.
  • Separate Your Things: The objective here is to sort through your stuff and identify each item according to what you want to do with it. Create a “keep” pile for things you’re keeping, a pile of things you want to sell or donate, and a pile for trash or junk (or recyclables). Consider partnering with family and friends for their input and assistance. Also, check with places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army to see what they will accept, and with appropriate organizations on how to recycle things like plastics, aluminum, and other materials.
  • Early Start: The load never feels as heavy as it does when you’re down to the last couple of days before the big day. The earlier you start the process of de-cluttering the more time you have to get through it, which makes the experience a whole lot easier to manage.
  • Consider What You Really Use: This is the key to figuring out what to keep or get rid of. Save for holiday or especially sentimental items, a good rule of thumb is to donate, sell, or throw away any item that hasn’t been used for six months or longer. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you don’t really need by the time you’re done.
  • Temporary Storage: The six-month rule doesn’t work for everyone, or for everything you own. For things you don’t need but can’t get rid of, temporary storage options are an excellent solution to consider during a move. Storage solutions can help you keep items safe and secure until you’re better prepared to put them where they belong.
  • Get Help: Many professional movers offer full-service packing and unpacking as part of their moving packages. If you abhor packing or need extra help, then look for movers that offer these services. Bonus points if you choose a mover that can also provide you with the storage services we mentioned in our previous tip.

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