Planning a long-distance move? Whether you’re relocating for a new job, to be closer to family, or because you want a change of scenery, the time of year you make your move is an important decision.

Since most people choose May through September dates to take advantage of better weather and the fact that the kids are out of school, that’s peak moving season. While those are good reasons for a summer move, there are also benefits of an off-season move that shouldn’t be ignored.

  • More Flexibility in Dates: The best Miami long-distance moving companies tend to have full calendars during peak season. That means you’ll likely have limited days to choose from—and that’s if you’re able to book your top choice of cross-country movers at all.
  • Less Chance of a Delivery Delay: When a nationwide moving company is running at full capacity, there is much more of a chance of delays. During off-peak season, you’re less likely to experience a delay in your shipment.
  • Possibility of Special Pricing: Some Miami moving and storage companies may offer special pricing during the off-season. You shouldn’t choose a mover based on price alone, but off-season pricing might save you some money while still allowing you to use a top moving company.

Depending on where you’re moving, you may also find that apartment rental and real estate prices are lower during certain times of year. These potentially lower prices are another reason to consider an off-season relocation.

No matter what time of year you move, choosing a moving company with a solid reputation is an absolute must. Remember: You must trust your residential movers in Miami with everything you own—so choose a company with proven expertise.

Since 1949, American Fargo Moving & Storage has insisted on the best for our customers. All nationwide relocations are completed by highly trained Miami long-distance movers who go the extra mile to deliver a positive customer experience.

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