Are you wondering how much it’s going to cost to hire residential movers in Miami? The answer depends on a few factors, like whether you are moving locally or long-distance and whether you want full-service moving or help with fragile items only.

Although there is not one-size-fits-all answer, it’s beneficial to know what goes into calculating your moving costs. Below are the basics of how this is done.

Pricing Local Moves

If you are moving locally, the price will depend on the amount of time it takes to relocate your items from one destination to another plus the cost of transportation. Here’s what goes into this cost estimate:

  • The Moving Company’s Hourly Rate
  • The Number of Crewmembers Required
  • The Amount of Time it Takes to Complete the Move
  • Moving Truck Fuel Expenses Based on the Distance of the Move

Pricing Long-Distance Moves

A long-distance move is typically any move that goes over 400 miles. These moves are priced based on the weight of the items being shipped. To get that number, a professional moving estimator takes a computerized inventory of all items to be moved then uses a mathematical formula to estimate the weight and cost.

Pricing for Additional Services

Some moving services are included in the cost of your relocation. You will have to pay extra for others. Some of these additional services might include custom crating, storage, and providing disposable packing materials. You can learn about the specific pricing policies of your mover during an in-home estimate.

In-Home Estimates are Important for Accurate Pricing of Your Move

Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, an in-home cost estimate is the best way to get accurate pricing for your relocation. An estimate expert will inspect your items in person and assess any special circumstances that can affect the cost of your move. Plus, you can discuss your budget and moving needs with a professional that can help you create a personalized relocation plan.

Look for Binding Moving Cost Estimates

Non-binding estimates are subject to change during the move as unexpected expenses arise. If you want an accurate cost estimate with no extra fees, make sure that it’s in writing and that the estimate is binding. Your moving company cannot legally change an estimate that is binding and in writing.

Are You Ready to Get an Accurate Cost Estimate for Residential Movers in Miami?

Whether you need Miami long-distance movers or local movers, contact American Fargo to get started with an in-home cost estimate with one of our friendly professionals. We will consider every detail of your move so that you can plan accordingly and stay on budget. To get your appointment, give us a call or use our online form now.