Without weather interfering, moving is already a stressful process. From keeping stock of what comes in and goes out to ensure that things go smoothly on the road, there’s a lot to keep an eye on. When moving in warmer months, you face slightly different challenges such as heat exertion and reduced productivity. To get the most out of your moving process, here are 10 tips for moving during warm weather from moving experts at American Fargo.

10 Tips For Staying Cool When Moving in Warm Weather

1. Plan Ahead

All great moves start with a plan. You probably know your weather best and can estimate which days or months will be the hottest. Start planning your move as early as possible, scheduling most of it for days that will be potentially friendlier weather-wise. For example, summer days towards the end of June are less heated as you approach early August.

Make a detailed plan, scheduling when you will move certain types or categories of your property. For starters, you could fix furniture or clothing moving for specific days. You may also book long-distance movers early to avoid a rush when the time comes.

2. Optimize Early Hours

The weather is typically cooler in the morning. Maximize these earlier hours by starting the moving process then. This way, you’d have accomplished a ton of work by the time the sun starts beating down and the temperature rises.

3. Wear Appropriate Clothing

You’ll find that dressing appropriately will help you stay cool and less sweaty as you go about your tedious task. Appropriate clothing for moving in warm weather includes less-cumbersome clothes with smaller sleeves or shorter lengths.

You’ll be bending, squatting, and moving around a lot. Choose light, flexible, breathable fabrics like cotton or stretchy sports apparel like polyester, rayon, linen, or silk. Keep the heavy sweaters, jackets, and hoodies but don’t forget to dress for your safety.

4. Have Gloves to Help With Sweaty Hands

The heat will likely make you sweat a lot, and sweaty palms are not the best for safe moving practices. Wear a proper pair of gloves to maintain a sturdy grip and avoid accidents.

5. Wear Proper Footwear

It’s important to keep your feet safe and protect them from accidental drops or trampled toes. While you may be tempted to have your sandals out because of the weather, wear light, close-toed shoes instead.

6. Stay Hydrated with Water and Cold Towels

Staying hydrated will keep your temperature regulated and prevent you from burning out faster. Ensure you have enough bottled water (cold or room temperature) and a cooler of ice. If you hire professional residential movers, also provide water for them.

A great pro movers’ tip is to freeze bottles of water overnight so they’ll thaw out in the morning to a perfect cool temperature with ice chunks. If you’d prefer beverages, avoid sugary drinks or beverages with caffeine like soda, energy drinks, and coffee. Caffeine and sugar will make you dehydrated faster.

Having cold towels on hand will also help relieve the heat. Please place them in a cooler or a nearby fridge for easy access.

7. Stay Energized by Eating Right

Eat energizing food to keep you productive and light on your feet. Avoid high-sodium food dehydrating you faster, and go for fresh foods that keep you hydrated for longer.

8. Control Ventilation with Fans

You’ll probably have to leave all your doors open as you move things in or out of the building. This may reduce how effective your air conditioning is. Have fans positioned at high-traffic routes in your building for proper ventilation.

9. Relocate Pets for Safety Reasons

Keeping pets around while you move can lead to a few safety hazards in some cases. When the weather is hot, you may want to temporarily move them out of the house for their safety and comfort.

10. Take Time to Relax

Moving day is filled with lots of manual labor. Doing manual work in hot weather can be extremely exerting, so when you need to take a break, do so. Listen to your body’s signs and know when to step back to prevent breaking down or having a heat stroke. Breaks as short as 5-10 minutes can truly make a difference.

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