You may feel a bit relieved after you load the last box onto the moving truck, but there is one more hurdle to jump over. You now have to hit the road and finish your journey to your new home. When traveling for a long-distance move, you may face some adversaries while traveling. Now it is impossible to predict precisely when bad luck will strike and how extreme; there are some ways to ensure that you are safe and well prepared for anything that may happen. We will take a look at a few things you can do to prepare yourself for a safe long-distance move.


The longer you spend on the road, the more you encounter a negative experiences. Whether it is a blown tire or a minor accident, you need to be able to handle the situation safely. Always travel with an emergency roadside kit; the items found in these will keep you safe and protected while traveling. Look into roadside services such as OnStar and AAA; being a member of these services can help get you back on the road in a timely manner when you are stranded. Keep a portable charging bank in your car while driving; this will increase your cellphones battery life and make it possible to stay connected to the people trying to reach and help you. Lastly, download your GPS routes before you hit the road; this will ensure that you will always have your directions, even if you lose your signal.

Unexpected Costs 

Right now, gas prices are ridiculously high and can really put a hurting on your wallet. This won’t solve the overall problem, but you should start budgeting for this a few months in advance. This way, your accounts won’t get drained entirely while traveling. Especially since moving trucks do not get the best gas mileage. Another thing you can look into is a gas tracking app for your smartphone; these will tell you the cheapest gas prices in your current area and can help save you a little money.

Unplanned Delays

If you choose to use a local professional moving company for your long-distance move, there is a tiny chance that you could arrive at your new home a few days before your belongings do. 

There are a few reasons that could cause this delay, severe weather and unexpected road delays being the two common reasons. You can avoid this being a catastrophe by properly packing a few things in your car. 

Pack some extra clothes with you so you can have a fresh change of clothes, and make sure you bring enough to last at least three days. Next, ensure that you bring an air mattress with you; this will provide you with a place to sleep and save you from spending money on a hotel room. 

Lastly, bring a few kitchen essentials with you—pots and pans, utensils, and other items that will allow you to cook your own meals. 

This will also save you money and keep you from having to go out to eat every meal while waiting for your truck to arrive.

Accidents & Damaged Belongings

You can get ahead of the curve on this issue by ensuring that you pack your belongings properly the first time. Fragile items like your kitchenware and dishes can be packed away in a special box that provides extra protection for your items. Don’t forget to utilize your packing materials like packing paper and bubble wrap to add extra security and protection. Another way you can help protect your belongings from damage is to hire a professional moving company, like American Fargo Moving and Storage. 

Professional movers are thoroughly trained to properly pack, move, and minimize the chances of anything breaking. 

If the moving company you chose offers any insurance and reimbursement options, consider purchasing this option. If unforeseen damages occur, you will be compensated adequately for the damages.

We Can Help with Your Next Move

If you decide that you need help with your long-distance move, contact American Fargo Moving and Storage today. Our residential movers can help you with any packing and moving needs, and our long-distance movers will ensure that your personal belongings will arrive at your new home unharmed. Call us today to get your free long-distance moving quote.