One of the biggest challenges of moving is ensuring your belongings arrive safely. Fragile items require extra precautions to prevent them from breaking during the shipment.

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your belongings and ensure they arrive undamaged. This article will provide some helpful tips on handling fragile items during a relocation. 

What Items Are Most Fragile When Moving? 

From glassware to artwork, there are a lot of items that require special attention when moving. When planning for a relocation, you should make a list of all the fragile items you own. 

Knowing which items are fragile can help you prepare for packing and labeling them properly. If you are unsure which of your belongings are considered fragile, you can consult with a mover for more help. 

Packing Fragile Items Properly For Shipment

The methods used for packing your fragile items will play an important role in their safety. When packing these items, you should use high-quality materials such as bubble rolls, packing paper, and sturdy moving boxes.

You should pack fragile items with the goal of cushioning them against any impacts in the moving truck. If the fragile items shift in the back of the truck, the bubble roll will help prevent them from sustaining damage. 

Securing Large Furniture During Moving

Furniture can be a challenging item to move and requires securing it with moving straps. The moving straps help to keep the furniture in place while it's being transported in the truck. 

When possible, you should disassemble large furniture and wrap it in protective materials. After arriving at the next destination, you can relax knowing your furniture was secured throughout the shipment. 

The Importance of Labeling Fragile Boxes

Adding labels to your moving boxes is a great way to help identify fragile items. By placing a fragile sticker on a moving box, you can know you need to handle it with more caution. 

When adding labeling to boxes, you should use bold and clear lettering for the design. If working with professional movers, you should inform them to look for fragile labels when they pick up a box. 

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