There's no question that moving can be very expensive, even when it's local. It's a huge help to hire a household mover for your family's relocation, but this does come at a cost. For many homeowners, moving costs are something that needs to be considered when scheduling a relocation.

Luckily, prices vary throughout the year, making it possible for a budget-conscious homeowner to plan their move accordingly. If you're moving into or out of the Miami area, the summer is actually the most affordable time to move. Holding off on your relocation until this time can help save hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here are some reasons why this time is so affordable.

Local Climate and Temperatures

Miami and the Greater Florida area get extremely hot and humid in the summer. Because of this, most families choose to move during the winter. After all, no one wants to be dripping sweat when moving all of their possessions, children, and pets. However, this also means that winter is the most expensive time to move because of demand. By choosing a move during summer, you can avoid the increased cost associated with this.

Less Demand

Home movers in Miami have significantly reduced demand during the summer months. Due to this, your intrastate movers or interstate movers may drop their costs substantially. This can help you and your family move without stressing the budget too much.

Other Tips for Affordable Moving

Besides choosing the summer, there are a number of other small decisions that you can make to help make your move more affordable. These include:

  • Doing Your Own Packing: While full-service moving is certainly nice, it comes at a premium. By packing all of your possessions yourself, you can avoid this cost.
  • Bring Your Own Packing Materials: Most local movers provide packing materials at a cost, making moving much more convenient. However, sourcing them yourself is a much more economical method.
  • Move Midweek: A midweek move will always be less expensive than a weekend move. If you're waiting to start a new job and have time off, this could be a great opportunity to save money.

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