For many years, people have hired moving companies to move their items for them. Moving can be quite draining mentally and physically, but with a moving company taking care of your move, that shouldn’t be a problem, until you have to deal with items that they won’t move. If you aren’t prepared to deal with these items, then you might experience that same stress. Fortunately, the experienced residential movers here at American Fargo Moving & Storage will go over the items moving companies won’t move and what to do with them. 

Moving Items In Your Kitchen & Living Room

Usually, the kitchen and living room are connected to each other, which is why there are many items that a moving company can move. Your kitchen and living room likely have perishable items and plants which, unfortunately, they won’t move since they’ll spoil or not survive the trip. That is why, if you have food that expires and plants that you love, make sure you:

  • Consume or Dispose of Perishables
  • Donate Or Get Rid Of Your Plants
  • Transport Your Plants Yourself

Moving Items In Your Garage & Patio

The garage and patio in your home are a storage area for a variety of items that moving companies won’t move. From lawn equipment and BBQ grills that have flammable materials inside of them to plant fertilizer and containers with gasoline and oil, there are many items that can be a potential hazard to moving companies. To ensure that you have a smooth moving experience, make sure you: 

  • Properly Dispose Any Gasoline/Oil & Plant Fertilizer
  • Empty Out Any Grills & Lawn Equipment
  • Donate Or Sell Equipment If You Don’t Want Them Moved

Moving Items In Your Bedroom & Laundry Room

From personal firearms to flammable items, your bedroom and laundry room both have items that moving companies won’t move. These items can be hazardous because of accidental discharge or possible combustion during the move, not to mention that firearms might not be legal in certain states or cities. No team of local or long-distance movers don’t want to risk any potential injury or breaking of the law, so before moving day you should:

  • Dispose Of Flammable Items
  • Ship or Transport Your Firearms
  • Educate Yourself On Local & State Firearm Laws

Be Prepared

You can have all of your items packed and ready to be transported by movers on moving day, but if there are items they won’t move, that can’t leave you feeling stressed. With these tips however, you’ll have a good idea of the type of items a moving company won’t move and what to do with them to make sure you avoid any delays and stress that you otherwise could experience if you are not prepared.