When relocating, we often realize how many items we have accumulated in our kitchen spaces. From cooking supplies to food, the kitchen is an important room to plan around for your upcoming relocation.

As an experienced moving company, we have helped customers pack their kitchen items properly. This article will cover some helpful tips when moving items in your kitchen.

Chairs & Tables

Whenever you move furniture of any kind, you should wrap it in protective padding. The padding will help to prevent scratches and damage that occur during the transportation process. When moving tables, it's best to disassemble them to minimize the space it takes up in the moving truck. 


Plates are fragile and require extra attention when packing them in moving boxes. You should pack your glass plates with packing paper or other forms of padding. If the moving box with the plates slides in the truck, the padding will help cushion the impact and prevent the plates from breaking. 


For glasses, you should add a lot of padding to prevent any of them from developing cracks. Dish packs are specialized moving boxes that have compartments for your glasses. When pairing dish packs with a bubble roll, you can provide superior protection for your glass items.


While silverware don't require as much protection as glasses or plates, you should still transport them in a secure box. A small box with proper padding will help to keep your silverware organized and safe. If you want better security, you can group silverware into small sections by wrapping them in plastic. 

Cookware & Small Kitchen Appliances

Small kitchen appliances are often a significant purchase, so they deserve adequate padding. If you have the original boxes of your kitchen appliances or cookware, you should store them in the box. For appliances without the original packaging, you can place them in small to mid-size boxes with padding.

Some examples of small kitchen appliances that you should protect are:

  • Coffeemakers
  • Blenders
  • Microwaves

Food Pantry

Once you've packed your cooking and dining supplies, you can move on to packing your items from your pantry. You can transport non-perishable food items in small to mid-size boxes. If you don't want to transport certain food items, you should consider donating them to a local charity. 

Items in Refrigerator

Unlike non-perishable food items, you can't transport items from your refrigerator on a moving truck. The food items will likely spoil and create an uncomfortable situation for the residential movers. Leading up to the moving day, you should eat or dispose of the items in your refrigerator.

Flammable & Combustible Items

Moving providers will not allow flammable liquids or combustible times on the trucks. If you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, you should dispose of it at a facility. When packing your kitchen, you should always look to avoid a fire hazard on the moving company's trucks.

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